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Indonesia: - PT Agro Muara Rupit Closed
Commodity: Palm
Reported on 12/01/2021 by Mighty Earth

Issues raised:

Allegations that, between May and October 2020, a total of 267 hectares of forest were cleared in the PT Agro Muara Rupit (West Estate) concession, without completing an Integrated HCV-HCSA assessment, including peer review and thus in contravention of SIPEF’s NDPE commitment.

Actions taken:

January 20, 2021 - Information was provided to prove that this is not the case. 

March 8, 2021 - HCSA confirmed that the peer review for the HCS report for AMR 1&2 has been completed.

Based on this, our initial response already provided to stakeholders Ref (21.01.12-AMR) has been revised and can now be accessed at the below link. Ref (21.04.21-AMR).

The present file is therefore considered closed.

Updated on 14/04/2021
Indonesia: - PT Agro Kati Lama Open
Commodity: Palm
Reported on 30/11/2017 by Sawit Watch / 11.11.11 [direct contact with SIPEF]

Issues raised:

Allegations of workers’ rights violations including:

  • Human resources: type of contract, contractors, recruitment process, min wage, payment of bonus
  • Women discrimination: recruitment process, menstruation leave
  • Safety: PPE
  • Work Ethic: intimidation, daily wages and targets

Actions taken:

  • November 2017: Initial communication received from Sawit Watch.
  • December 2017: Internal verification of the grievances, identification of root causes for the issues on work safety and implementation of corrective actions (availability of PPE, training programs for permanent and free labor, stricter supervision of contractors).
  • February 2018: Sawit Watch enter the company grievance procedure.
  • March 2018: meeting with Sawit Watch, acknowledgement of issues, development of action plans, including 1/ mediation of individual land rights case, 2/ meeting with free labour union representatives to be facilitated by Sawit Watch, 3/ continued improvements to work safety in PT AKL.
  • March 2018: meeting with 11.11.11 to review progress of action plan.
  • April 2018: meeting with free labor union facilitated by Sawit Watch; reiterated company policy on freedom of association, agreed to further cooperation between the union and the company, in particular around work safety for free labor.
  • July 2018: scheduled annual medical check of high-risk workers (which includes those working with pesticides), including free labor.
  • November 2018: review of progress with Sawit Watch; work safety satisfactory, engagement with the aggrieved landowner still in progress, free labour union situation improved but requiring further efforts to bring company contractors to full compliance. Regarding the union, reports of intimidation have been communicated to the company and are being investigated.
  • April 19, 2019: physical meeting with Sawit Watch and a representative of 11.11.11. All the questions regarding labor conditions and contractors in general were answered with documentation to explain the labor conditions and status (hiring criteria, minimum wages, contractors...).
  • August 13, 2019: Physical meeting with Sawit Watch, Free labor representative, and complainant of land acquisition. Discussion about Sipef's policy on freedom of association. All labors are free to organize themselves in union to bargain and discuss with their employer (the contractors in case of free labor). Ref (19.08.13-AKL)
  • November 3, 2019:  Email communication received from Sawit Watch informing SIPEF that an ongoing investigation of labor practices at Pt AKL is planning to be published and giving SIPEF an chance to comment on the draft of the study. Ref (
  • November 3 & 5, 2019:  Meeting with Sawit Watch during RT. Agreement on continued cooperation regarding labor issues ongoing at Pt AKL. Ref (
  • November 25, 2019:  A considered and documented response stating our position on the allegations was sent to Sawit Watch on November 25, 2019 regarding the various allegations made in the article they had given us a chance to comment on November 3rd and discussed at the RT meetings November 3-5. Ref (19.11.25-AKL)
  • December 7, 2019- January 10, 2020:  Several more allegations from Sawit Watch were received questioning the veracity of SIPEF’s response to the original (November 3rd) call for comments on an upcoming article. SIPEF’s responded to this on December 19.  A final response from Sawit Watch refuting our claims was received on January 10, 2020.  Ref(19.12.07-AKL)
  • February 24, 2020:  Transnational Palm Oil Labor Solidarity (TPOLS) sent in a protest letter reiterating the accusations previously raised by Sawit Watch. Ref (20.02.24-AKL)
  • March 11, 2020:  A documented response stating our position on their allegations was provided to TPOLS on March 11, 2020.  Ref (20.03.11-AKL)
  • April 7, 2020:  TPOLS sent their response to SIPEF refuting the explanations provided by SIPEF. Ref (20.04.07-AKL)
  • April 30, 2020: SIPEF responded to TPOLS with further explanations, action plan and engagement strategy to address the concerns raised.  Ref(20.04.30-AKL)
  • June 8, 2020:  TPOLS sent their response to SIPEF refuting the explanation provided by SIPEF.  Ref (20.06.08)
  • June 17, 2020:  SIPEF sent their response to TPOLS providing further explanations regarding their allegation. Ref (20.06.17-AKL)
  • July 30, 2020:  SIPEF received a notice from TPOLS of an online petition regarding the allegations at AKL.  SIPEF management has decided to not respond further to the allegations but focus on implementing its process already outlined to TPOLS regarding this Ref(20.07.30-AKL).
Updated on 21/12/2020
Papua New Guinea: - HOPL Closed
Commodity: Palm
Reported on 25/05/2021 by "Soi Affected Area Representatives"

Issues raised:

  • Environmental Impact due to Smallholder Fresh Fruit Bunches left on Smallholder Blocks in Q1 2019:
  • Environmental Impact by Smallholder FFB decomposing on Smallholder blocks
  • Allegation of impacting watercourses and air quality

Actions taken:

  • May 25th 2021: The first initial communication and report received from Soi Affected Area Representatives
  • June 1st 2021: Responded to the Stakeholder with the request for engagement to understand perspective of the Representative (see background statement at the link below)
  • July 6th 2021: Representative sent a reply with allegation, claim and a report (see background statement at the link below)
  • July 9th 2021: Email correspondence between HOPL team and Representative to arrange for a meeting to understand perspective.
  • July 15th 2021: HOPL replied by letter to Representative requesting to follow process
  • July 15th 2021: HOPL will follow up on process by proceeding to review matters with all involved Stakeholders (including Smallholders in Soi area and Conservation and Environment Protection Authority).
  • Second half of 2021: HOPL engaged with its stakeholders and relevant authorities to review matters indicated.
  • January 6th 2022: HOPL received the information from the relevant Government Authorities that matters raised are not substantiated by evidence.
  • February 17th 2022: HOPL is closing the grievance case. 


Updated on 17/02/2022

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