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The information displayed on this page is a summary of the most significant grievances resolved or in progress.

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Indonesia: - PT Agro Kati Lama Open
Commodity: Palm
Reported on 30/11/2017 by Sawit Watch / 11.11.11 [direct contact with SIPEF]

Issues raised:

1/ Fraudulent land rights acquisition, where about 23ha of land belonging to a local villager were bought by PT AKL from unlawful owners (relatives usurping his land rights).
2/ Company contractors refusing labour union representation of the casual workers.
3/ Issues of work safety for free labour employed by company contractors, by lack of appropriate training and availability of protective equipment. 

Actions taken:

December 2017 : internal verification of the grievances, identification of root causes for the issues on work safety and implementation of corrective actions (availability of PPE, training programmes for permanent and free labour, stricter supervision of contractors).
February 2018 : Sawit Watch enter the company grievance procedure.
March 2018 : meeting with Sawit Watch, acknowledgement of issues, development of action plans, including 1/ mediation of individual land rights case, 2/ meeting with free labour union representatives to be facilitated by Sawit Watch, 3/ continued improvements to work safety in PT AKL.
March 2018 : meeting with 11.11.11 to review progress of action plan.
April 2018 : meeting with free labour union facilitated by Sawit Watch ; reiterated company policy on freedom of association, agreed to further cooperation between the union and the company, in particular around work safety for free labour.
April 2018 : meeting with the aggrieved land owner, facilitated by Sawit Watch ; agreed to continue working on amicable solution between the landowner, his relatives and the company.
July 2018 : scheduled annual medical check of high-risk workers (which includes those working with pesticides), including free labour.
November 2018 : review of progress with Sawit Watch ; work safety  satisfactory, engagement with the aggrieved landowner still in progress, free labour union situation improved but requiring further efforts to bring company contractors to full compliance. Regarding the union, reports of intimidation have been communicated to the company and are being investigated. 

Updated on 04/12/2018
Indonesia: - PT Agro Muara Rupit Closed
Commodity: Palm
Reported on 22/08/2017 by Mr.Edhy Wardhana [Submitted to the RSPO Complaints Panel on 17 May 2017, see]

Issues raised:

The complainant brought forward the issue of fraudulent land title to RSPO. The complainant claimed that his land was fraudulently sold by his cousin to PT Agro Muara Rupit, a subsidiary of SIPEF. 

Actions taken:

August 2017 : aknowledgement and verification of issues raised, followed by clarification letter to RSPO on 28 August 2017, showing compliant land-rights acquisition process for the land in question.
Complainant declined to enter the company grievance process.
September 2017 : shared relevent information with RSPO for review by RSPO Complaints Panel.
April 2018 : information from RSPO Complaints Panel that case is pending, as complainant is not supplying requested information.
May 2018 : RSPO Complaints Panel information that the case is pending issuance of closing letter.
19 September 2018 : the RSPO Complaints Panel issues the closing letter for this complaint.

Updated on 02/10/2018
Papua New Guinea: - Hargy Oil Palms ltd. Closed
Commodity: Palm
Reported on 03/03/2013 by Affected family member of an  employee of  Hargy Oil  Palms Ltd [Submitted to the RSPO Complaints Panel, see]

Issues raised:

An employee was injured during a commotion at the plantation. The ensuing medical condition from the injury, rendered him unable to work. The complaint was made to the RSPO to enable him to enlist the help of the company in securing insuring benefits for his injuries.

Actions taken:

March 2013 : The company has acknowledged the complaint and engaged in bilateral negotiations with the complainant.  An amicable solution was reached and the company assisted the complainant in securing the necessary insurance benefits.
May 2013 : Case closed by the RSPO Complaints Panel on 23 May 2013

Updated on 23/05/2013

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