Fundraising on the occasion of the 100 years of SIPEF

September 06, 2019

A bank account has been opened for the Bialla Health Center project:

SIPEF Fundraising:

     IBAN:  BE85 0018 6453 4606


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"All women, wherever they live, should be able to give birth safely and without fear. We need your help to make our vision a reality."

Foreword, by the Chairman and the Managing Director


Dear Colleagues and Friends,
It is an honour and a pleasure for us to present our fundraising project as we celebrate 100 YEARS of SIPEF.
Through Hargy Oil Palms Ltd, our 100% subsidiary, SIPEF has operated in West New Britain in Papua New Guinea for the last 40 years. In that way we actively contributed to reach the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (UNSDG) for this particular region. For this fundraising, we have decided to focus on UNSDG Goal 3: Good Health and Well-Being.
More particularly we have chosen to Upgrade the Maternity Section of the Bialla Health Centre, with the project briefly described within this page.
We would greatly appreciate your supporting this project to improve the healthcare of the pregnant women in the area and their newborn babies.
Warmest regards,

François Van Hoydonck                               Baron Bertrand

Managing Director                                        Chairman

Being a midwife in Bialla, Papua New Guinea

“Most of the time, we improvise with the equipment we have here. For example, the sunction machine we are using as a vacuum is not right to extract the baby. The manual vacuum is not working anymore. It is very risky for the baby and the mother.”

“The infection control is very poor. We do not have a sterilizer. We just clean with soap and water the delivery equipment, then we disinfect with an iodine solution.”

“HIV is very high in Papua New Guinea and we don’t have any HIV testing. We have to take the same precaution to protect ourselves with all women we are helping, as there is no way to identify if a mother is infected or not.”

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Upgrade the maternity section of the Bialla Health Centre

Every week, pregnant women from Hargy Oil Palms Ltd (HOPL) and the surrounding communities access the Public Health Centre, which is only equipped to manage normal childbirth.

Any complicated deliveries have to be referred to Kimbe General Hospital which is a 150-km journey in the back of a truck, taking over three hours. The midwives at the Public Health Centre are working under pressure daily to assist those women but they lack the medical equipment to ensure safe delivery.

It is a great need for the Bialla Health Centre as mothers who have complications will require to be in that ward for observation and ensuring that they are well before they are discharged. The BHC does not have the capacity for mothers and babies to stay longer when care are needed for both.
(example: mother who has had postpartem Haemorrhage will be admitted to the postnatal ward for observation)

The current equipment of the Labor Ward is very limited and this poses a health risk to the nurse, the baby and the mother herself, in regard of HIV or various neonatal infections. Having equipment like a suction machine will greatly assist the mother in delivery when there is poor maternal effort.

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